Friday, March 30, 2012


"Ruth Asawa's wire sculptures and her concept of classic shapes
with unexpected materials was the inspriration for the floral design.
Her weaving and tying of wire, circular shapes inside each other and the
shadows they project are brilliant techniques for floral designers to
expand and explore." Jenny Tabarracci
 Twenty years ago I experienced my first Bouquets to Art.  I was lucky to assist a talented designer of a wonderful flower shop that was located in Mill Valley, CA. (Hastings and Hastings). This experience was exhilarating and I dreamed of being a designer in the show one day.  My first opportunity exhibiting was in1998 and each year is just as challenging and inspiring as the next.  The creativity of the show is amazing.   I wanted to address some of the most common questions asked to me about the show.  I hope this provides more insight on what happens behind the scenes for a floral designer at Bouquets to Art.

1.  How do you decide on the art work?

     The floral designers pick their top 5 choices and the BTA
      committee selects one of these.

2.  How does one go about exhibiting in the show?

     The floral designers are selected and invited by the BTA
      committee.  You can ask the committee to be an
      exhibitor or you can be recommended. They may want
      to see your work and meet with you.

3.  How often do you refresh the design?

      This depends on the materials one uses.  The designs
       can be refreshed an hour before the museum opens or

4.  Who pays for the flowers and materials?

      The exhibitors pay for all of their design expenses.

5.  Can you use any materials that you want?

      No, the museum prohibits the use of some materials.
      The BTA committee provides the floral designers with a
      list of what is acceptable.