Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Bruce Pagacz" - Exciting New Designer!

Bruce Pagacz - Festival of Flowers - October, 2012

It's hard to believe finals are almost here and students can register for the Spring Semester.  So many talented students at City College, I could write a blog every week about them.  This semester I want to share the talent of a wonderful student that I've had the privilege to instruct and watch develop into an exciting designer.  Bruce Pagacz was a Floristry student a few years ago and then went to work for Floral Supply Syndicate at the San Francisco Flower Market.  Bruce decided to come back to City College's Floristry Department and take the RF 85 class (Intro to Flower Arranging) so he could practice his passion to design again.  Students can take this class twice for credit and they bring their own materials.  I demonstrate a different design every class session.  Bruce's interpretation of the lesson is always intriguing.  He passionately designs in his own unique style with fascinating textures and materials that bring a smile to every one's face in the class.

Last month Bruce participated in the  Festival of Flowers at The Cathedral of St. Mary's in San Francisco.  I encourage the students to attend this show.  Many talented and accomplished Bay Area designers are featured.  Bruce being a humble individual did not tell me he was an exhibitor.  Unexpectedly, I came across Bruce's displays.  I was delighted to see his work and thrilled the public had the opportunity to enjoy his talent.  I want to share his designs and thank him for making the RF 85 class an extra special experience for all of us. 

Bruce Pagacz - Festival of Flowers - October, 2012

Bio - Bruce Pagacz

My initial interest in floral design is largely due to the encouragement and influence of my friend Linda Hartley, who studied Ikebana.  I have an MFA in Painting and Mixed Media from the San Francisco Art Institute.  My previous employment in visual merchandising has also provided me with both educational and practical backgrounds that have been of value to me in pursuing my floral design career goals.
Early on in the process I realized that additional education was needed in order for me to understand the full gamut of the industry.  In searching for the educational component I was pleased to find that City College of San Francisco offers an exceptional program in Floristry.  I have learned a great deal from the program they offer and have advised other people who may be in Floristry to consider the program.  I have also met some wonderful people who have been of inspiration to me.
For the last three years I have been employed in floral retail at Floral Supply Syndicate in the San Francisco
Flower Market.  My employment there and my presence in the market has allowed me to interact with shop owners, designers, event planners and individuals who are just trying to do it themselves.  This has added another dimension and insight into the industry.

My future goals include assisting in working and installing events, working in a shop or floral studio and pursuing my own business adventures and designs.  I also desire to expand my floral knowledge base by spending some time in Europe and taking a series of classes from European designers in the industry.