Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Product by Syndicate Sales Inc. - "Flexwrap"

Syndicate Sales Inc. displaying Flexwrap at The American Institute of Floral Designers National Symposium in Las Vegas, July 2013 on Partners Day.
Amazing how things happen!...... I attended Hitomi Gilliam AIFD and Tomas De Bruyne's Flower Trend Summit at the Dallas Market in January, 2013.  Hitomi requested we bring a new, innovative or clever item to use in Floristry and share it at the Summit. During my brainstorming process to come up with something new for my fellow designers and industry, Co-Flex bandages for horses popped into my head.

This is a bandage that is wrapped around horses legs for protection and decoration.  It comes in all different colors and sizes.  I thought the material was very clever and I decided to play around with it.  I found that it adheres to itself, covers surface fast, and doesn't bleed when put into water or on other surfaces.  These are all good traits for a floral design product.   I tested it more with floral foam, styrofoam, vases, water tubes, bouquet holders and stems.  It provided  new techniques to cover mechanics quickly and aesthetically.  I especially like the way it covers plastic water tubes and is great to use in sympathy work for wreaths, crosses and other forms. 

Hitomi Gilliam AIFD sharing her designs and knowledge at the 2013 Flower Trend Summit in Dallas, TX.

I decided this would be the innovative and clever item I would bring to the Floral Trend Summit.  I shared the product and my experimentations with the group. Trent Harshman the Senior Product/Design Manager from Syndicate Sales Inc. was at the Summit and was interested in the product. I gave him a sample and he went to the manufacture and was able to create lines exclusively for Syndicate Sales Inc.  Wow!! 

 "Flexwrap" was born and is available with Syndicate Sales Inc.  It comes in different sizes, many colors and exclusive prints. They have three lines:  Primary Plus, Wrappin Rainbow and Safari So-Good which comes in a zebra, camo and leopard print.    You can visit syndicatesales.com for more information and they have a couple of videos on youtube showing how to work with the product.  Leanne Kesler AIFD of Floral Design Institute has a great new video on the product titled:  Garden Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet. 

Jenny Tabarracci AIFD -  2013 Bouquets to Art design with Flexwrap.
The most exciting part of this product development was seeing it on the design tables at the SAIFD Student Competition in Las Vegas.  This was a surprise to me.  I did not know it would be a material provided for the students.  The whole process had come to an amazing full circle for me and it was a thrill to see AIFD Symposium attendees flocking the Syndicate Sales Inc. table on Partners Day to get a sample of Flexwrap. 

Flexwrap at the American Institute of Floral Designers National Symposium for the SAIFD Student Competition in Las Vegas, July 2013.  City College of San Francisco Student Imelda Iraeta preparing her materials before the competition.  Thanks to Syndicate Sales Inc. for providing their great product for the competition.
Beautiful designs by City College of San Francisco Student Oxana Sanukova.  She used the Flexwrap that was provided by Syndicate Sales Inc. in the SAIFD Student Competition at the AIFD National Symposium in Las Vegas, 2013.  These competition designs were for the Body Flowers category. What a great and innovated way to use this new product!

It's so important to share your knowledge and think forward. Thanks to Hitomi Gilliam AIFD for inspiring forward thinking. Trent Harshman for recognizing the potential of the product and forward thinking with development. Leanne Kesler AIFD and many other designers who expanded with even more knowledge.  This is what it's all about.  We need to work together to make our industry strong.  I encourage you to try this new product Flexwrap and see what exciting techniques, tricks and trends you can invent.