Thursday, April 27, 2017

Leopoldo Gomez - Floral Interiorism

 Leopoldo Gomez is a renowned international teacher of Floral Design.  He is the co-founder of Centro de Arte Floral located in Mexico City which provides an in depth curriculum of floral design classes.   City College of San Francisco's Environmental Horticulture/Floristry Department and the American Institute of Floral Designers North West Region partnered together to host and coordinate an amazing program that featured this exceptional new talent who is rising quickly in the Floral Industry.  The program was sponsored by the Master Florists Association, City College of San Francisco, United Wholesale Flowers and Accent Decor, Inc.   Many thanks to these wonderful industry sponsors for the beautiful fresh product, unique containers and supplies.
Floral Interiorism was the program topic which is described as "Creating multi-use designs that your customers can enjoy again and again.  Leopoldo explored this topic using his striking color palettes, vivid combinations of textures and masterfully-crafted armatures and structures.  Many of Leopoldo's designs are influenced and inspired by the culture of Mexico where he lives. 
The stunning Aura Planter from Accent Decor, Inc. above was used for a featured design in the program. Wooden dowels were inserted and glued into styrofoam and then floral foam was placed on top for the water source.  Emil Yanos AIFD assisted by creating a band of woven raffia to compliment the texture of the planter.  Leopoldo completed the design by adding gorgeous snowball viburnum harvested from the department gardens.
Susan Ishkanian AIFD glued, stacked and layered beautiful Wood Slices from Accent Decor, Inc.  The green vase was used as a mold to create the shape for this unique container.
Water tubes are wired to structure for the water source. 

Susan and SAIFD student Jungwa Han created water tubes from hot wax and then added crayons for striking color effects.

Leopoldo completed the design with stunning materials provided by United Wholesale Flowers, Repetto Nursery, Blossom Valley Floral, Inc. and Mt. Eden Floral Company.  Thank you sponsors!!
SAIFD student Dahee Han gluing marbles on a glass mold to create a unique container.
Water tubes are hot glued inside for water source. 
Leopoldo creates dancing flowers. 
CCSF Alumni Imelda Iraeta created a container designed with Leopoldo's custom chicken wire technique.  This was achieved by twisting and shaping bale wire. The Reclaimed Wood Base is from Accent Decor's collection.  Orchid grass was adhered with wood glue to complete the container.
Water tubes covered with orchid grass and gold wire is the technique for the water source.  Tubes were glued into container with oasis glue.

 SAIFD student Sohyun Kwak assisting with Leopoldo's creation.  Pencils were used to achieve order in disorder.
Leopoldo explaining above the mechanics for his design concept.  Attendees worked in groups for the hands on part of the program.
Attendees enjoying working together on the group projects.  Great learning atmosphere. The Riva Tray by Accent Decor was use as a water source and base to this design.  12 gauge aluminum wire was used to bind birch branches together. 
Leopoldo explaining a group project using galax leaves and a Reclaimed Hollow Stump from Accent Decor's collection.  Holes were drilled into four large dowels then galax leaves were wired with binding wire and inserted into holes.   Water tubes with flowers were added.
Great job Ruth, Grace and Armando!

Design created with bale wire, newspaper and water tubes.

Technique using nails, yarn and water tubes.

Attendees learning lots of new techniques.
Christmas ornaments covered with pine shavings and used as a decorative water source.

City College Student So-yeon Kim creating one of Leopoldo's designs by gluing tiny branches into flat cane.
Many thanks to Leopoldo, Sponsors, Steven Brown AIFD, Katie McCormick AIFD, AIFD NW and all assistants for making an amazing program come to life.  You and the attendees created the most wonderful learning environment. I wish great things for you in our industry!! 
Jenny Tabarracci AIFD