Saturday, December 10, 2016

Accent Decor Inspires Floristry Students

Best Overall Composition awarded to Armando de Loera Mejia

The fall semester at City College of San Francisco ended with an exciting and inspirational floral design competition in the special events class.  We were thrilled and excited to collaborate with Accent Décor  on this fun and challenging project.  Accent Décor provides such diversity and beauty to our industry with their vast selection of vases, containers and all the must haves for styling and decorating in the design world.  I highly encourage you to visit their website and blog.  It's a great resource to see what's trending in the industry.

The students were assigned to create a floral arrangement in the Accent Décor  Lush Vase 6" x 7" shown below. The style and materials used for the arrangements were Designers Choice.  The designs had to include some type of floral material and must be deliverable.  The students were able to completed the designs at home and bring to the classroom for judging.  Steven Brown AIFD (Department Chair of Environmental Horticulture/Floristry) judged the competition.  There were seven categories that the students were judged on:  Best Overall Composition, Best Use of Color, Best Artistic Inventiveness and Originality ("Creativity"), Best Use of Container, Best Sellable Appeal, Best in Trending, and Best Production Design.  The categories were chosen to go along with some of the topics that were taught through out the semester.  The competition was held on November 19th, 2016 at City College of San Francisco and 20 students participated.

 I explained ways to begin this creative process, showed sources for inspiration and emphasized the importance of mechanics.  I demonstrated a sample for a point of reference and encourage the students to explore their own style. The students had a chance to experiment with the vase and develop their ideas weeks before the competition.  We critiqued and collaborated as a class on many options for each student before the competition.  Below is the demo and the construction process that was presented to the class.   I explained how the demo design could fall into any of the competition categories.
Styrofoam, banking pins and magnolia leaves used for construction of  demo design.
Finished demo design by Jenny Tabarracci AIFD using floral foam as the water source for first layer of fresh materials.  First layer of materials were designed in a curved fashion around the perimeter of  styrofoam with stems inserted into foam initially.   Mini cymbidium orchids and pepper berries were then glued to construction.  Angle hair was woven in the design for light contrasting accents.
 Sohyun Kwak practicing her design.
 Diane Graham practicing her design.
Minna Lim practicing her design.
Class at San Francisco Flower Market selecting their design product.  Many thanks to Roy from Brannan Street Wholesale for all his expertise and support!!

Julia loving the San Francisco Flower Market!

Steven Brown Department Chair of  Environmental Horticulture/Floristry judged the competition.  Steven scored each students arrangement and then gave results to instructor/coordinator Jenny Tabarracci AIFD.  Steven announced the results to patiently waiting students.  Students received monetary awards and ribbons.  Congratulations to all the students!!  Below are the results of all competition categories.
Junghwa Han received the award for Best Use of Container
So Yeon Kim received award for Best Artistic Inventiveness and Originality ("Creativity")

Victor Castillo received award for Best Sellable Appeal
Joana Ferran received award for Best in Trending

Katsiaryna Baradauka received award Best Production Design

Luciana Soares Da Silva Edwards received award for Best Use of Color

Armando de Loera Mejia received award Best Overall Composition
   Design by Youbin Kim
Design by Minna Lim
Design by Julia Conner
Design by Grace De Guzman
Design by Sohyun Kwak
Design by Diane Graham
Design by Irasema Carranza
Design by Ron Castagnetti
Design by Qian Chen
Design by Dahee Han
Design by Ying Gu Pressman
Design by Celia Hamilton

Congratulations to everyone on an outstanding job!  So proud of you all.  I know this was the first competition experience for many of you and remember it's just a learning experience that you can grow from.  I hope it inspired you to design more and maybe even enter a competition or show.  It was a pleasure being your instructor and watching you grow through the process.  Many thanks to Accent Décor for providing their wonderful containers, resource materials and beautiful bags.  Thanks to Steven Brown AIFD for his leadership, expertise and judging the competition.  Also thank you Katie Gelardi for providing many of the beautiful photos.  Happy Holidays to all and hope to see you in the 2017 spring semester.