Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Wedding" Trending at City College of San Francisco



Emerald Green

Design by Heather Logsdon

Trends are one of my favorite topics to explore and teach.  The Floristry Department at City College of San Francisco is very fortunate to have dedicated, passionate and talented design students.  I want to share some of my students design projects with special focus on floral wedding trends of 2013/2014.  The designs are from the 80C Advanced Floral Design class.  The students worked all semester learning classic and contemporary styles of wedding design.  This class is offered in the 2014 Spring Semester beginning Wednesday, January 15th, 5:10pm to 10:00pm.  There are still spaces in the class and time to sign up.  If interested you can register online at

The above bouquet is designed by Heather and she themed her final wedding project "A Mod Loves a Rocker"   She envisioned and was inspired by Vintage 60's fashion and design. The bouquet is composed of craspedia , artistically curled Ti leaves, succulents, tillandsia and a vinyl record collar with stems covered in slate gray satin fabric.  The solid colors, groupings, geometric shapes  and choices of materials categorize it as a contemporary style.  Emerald Green the color of the year is dominate in this bouquet and this is another factor that makes it current.  This bouquet is designed for that special bride who would enjoy this themed styled wedding.

Design by Paula Lam

Paula designed the above scepter bouquet in a clear lomey column.  She has impeccable taste and a natural flair for fashion and trend spotting. Moss, branches and decorative copper wire are designed inside the column and through out the design.  This is pure, clean, simple designing which is difficult to achieve. The gorgeous succulent grown from my home garden is the only specimen used because this diva stands on her own.  This is also a contemporary bouquet featuring a succulent which is still considered a trendy material.  Shades of Emerald Green are also used in this bridal bouquet. 
Design by Jennifer Rossi
The above design by Jennifer displays another scepter concept for a bridal bouquet.  Today the handle treatment for a bouquet is just important as the bouquet it's self.  The bouquet was designed in a pvc pipe which was then wrapped in ribbon and then finished with curly willow and decorative wired pearls. The treatment adds a woodsy flair and a "Once Upon a Time" element.  This would be fantastic for a winter wedding.  The bouquet is designed mainly with white calla lilies and accents of Emerald Green trick dianthus.
Wedding bouquet contrast of Lady Diana and Kate Middleton
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's Wedding Reception
The Royals and Celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have a huge influence on style and fashion.  It's hard to forget Lady Diana's breathtaking cascade bouquet.  This will be a classic to live forever.  Floral and fashion change is evident in Kate Middleton's bouquet above compared to Diana's.  Today we see something in-between these two iconic bouquets with more emphasis in color, texture, unique specimens and accents regardless if the bouquet is structured or loosely design.  Many bouquets of today are themed and tell a story.  Historical periods of time and cultural traditions are influencing designs more than ever. 
Designed by Paula Lam

Paula designed this hand tied bouquet and matching hair piece in a chic Victorian style.  A popular look with brides.  Feathers, Lace, jeweled accessories and high petal count flowers such as David Austin roses and peonies define this style along with antique hydrangeas and a dusty miller collar.  Soft and feminine this look is a sure win.
Design by Olga Llerena

A wedding trend I discuss in class is the revival of the cascade bouquet.  We've seen a new popularity in this classic style.  Many designers are incorporating themed elements and styles into this bouquet along with the brides favorite colors, flowers and foliage's.  Wire and taping were the mechanics used for the above cascade bouquet.  The cascade segment is wired one calla blossom into the other. The materials used are calla lilies, dusty miller, ranunculus, peony, decorative wire and rhinestones.  What a show stopper this is! 
Design by Olga Llerena
Olga has challenged her self even more by orchestrating this European influenced cascade arm bouquet.  Circular shapes are designed with decorative wire and midollino sticks.  Phalaenopsis and rose blossoms are incorporated into the design with accents of eucalyptus pods.  This bouquet is for the forward thinking bride that wants to make a unique statement on her special day.

Design by Fiona Li
Another stunning cascade bouquet by SAIFD student Fiona.  She brings a modern flair to this design by using air plant material which is in high demand.  The circular collar backing, simple clean lines and decorative wire accents make this bouquet contemporary and unique.

Design by Fiona Li
An important aspect to this final project was to accomplish Unity and Harmony with the bridal bouquet and coordinating hair adornment.  Fiona has achieved a beautiful cohesive relationship between these two designs.  
Design by Fiona Li
The picture above shows the handle and collar wrapped with wool and decorative wire.  Wool is one of the latest trends in the United States that we see in designs.  This detailing completes the bouquet and is pleasing and comfortable for the bride to hold.  An important factor a professional florist should do for their client.


2014 Color Of The Year

Group Design by Sachi, Oxana, Fiona and Paula

Moving forward to the trends and styles of 2014 we can study the above unique designs, textures and materials with the forecasted color harmony. The suspended arrangement is a beautiful garden display of ferns and orchids.  We are seeing this look now and even more in the next year. Designers and brides are loving ferns and featuring them in designs. 


Wedding of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel
As we end the semester, I reflect on the astounding development of the students technical, practical  and theoretical skills.  I applaud each and everyone one of you for completing the semester and achieving your goals.  I look forward to new beginnings in 2014.  Hope to see many of you in classes again next semester and those of you who are now leaving the City College nest, I wish the best to you with all your floral endeavors!!  Keep on trending because you are the individuals who will start new exciting floral trends!
Jenny Tabarracci AIFD 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Steampunk" Trending at City College of San Francisco

Inspiration Board by Ineke Moss
The STEAMPUNK trend is a curious area to explore. The are many definitions and variations of this trend.  Adventurous, Victorian, Industrial, and Whimsical are words that come to my mind when I think of this trend.  Steampunk started off as a sub-genre of science fiction writing. Today it's a fictional celebration of steam- powered machinery, spring gadgets and modern marvels that can exist during the Victorian era or at any time in the present, past or future. Think of watches and their parts, top hats, corsetry, goggles, winged jewelry, lamps, computers, robots, weaponry, vehicles, bicycles and books. Brass, copper, glass, polished wood engravings, etchings, leather and lace all play a part in this trend. The possibilities in this genre are endless.

 Design by Ineke Moss

Steampunk Corsetry and Petticoat Trend

 Design by Ineke Moss
SAIFD (Student American Institute of Floral Designers) Ineke Moss and Oxana Sanukova  were assigned a special project of creating Steampunk designs for the floral industry with concentration on weddings.  I knew this would be a challenge and these two talented students would bring their passion to the project.  The bouquet above displays a Steampunk flair with the mysterious detailing of  whimsical charms, chains, lace and leather.  These elements begin to tell the brides unique story along with this fascinating genre.  The bouquet was composed with eucalyptus pods, seeds and foliage.  The dominate lotus pod captures our attention and is a fantastic specimen for this theme.  Roses, dusty miller, accenting glass flowers and feathers all bring this trend alive for a Victorian styled Steampunk wedding.

 Design by Ineke Moss

The naturalistic color pallet, lace and micro machinery details of this curious boutonniere  bring us into the world of Steampunk.

The American "Wild West" also plays apart in this trend and I go back to my childhood memories with the television series The Wild Wild West.  The show can be credited as being one of the more visible origins of the Steampunk subculture with its fantasy elements, trains, fashion and technologically advanced devices used by the characters of the program.

Design by Ineke Moss
Design by Ineke Moss
The tarnished brass lamp above is a brilliant way to incorporate Steampunk into a wedding or event.   This adventurous design begins a story with the accenting details of scrolls inside hanging glass vases. Reception guests will be intrigued of what is written inside these suspended time capsule like adornments.

Design by Oxana Sanucova

Floral chandeliers and suspended arrangements can enhance the ambiance of an event. They've gained popularity in wedding and event design.  Oxana's eye catching design above displays her interpretation of a Steampunk floral design.  Using jeweled toned flowers such as hanging amaranthus, tulips, dianthus and roses in deep burgundy, red and a hint of blue eryngium, these materials compliment the antique fixture.  These saturated jewel tones are an iconic color pallet for this trend and a favorite of todays bride.  This beautifully crafted machine like fixture finds its place in the Streampunk genre with key shapes, chains, brass, polish wood and spherical shapes that resemble machinery in motion. 
Inspiration for Steampunk Fashion and Design
Design by Oxana Sanucova

The powerful bridal bouquet design above displays the contrast of soft beauty and industrial texture.   Mechanics of inside a clock are incorporated boldly into the center of the bouquet.  The design characterizes the Steampunk style that would complement a daring bride.

Steampunk Color, Fashion and Attitude

Steampunk is an inspirational source for all designers. I encourage you to explore this genre and become a trend setter in the floral world.  Bravo and many thanks to Ineke and Oxana my assistants this semester for the outstanding work and joining the Steampunk train with me.