Monday, September 24, 2012

Succulent Cutting Gardens

Succulents are trendy and popular with designers and consumers.  Their an extraordinary material that is contemporary and interesting.  The design possibilities are endless whether it be in a floral arrangement or landscape design.  Oddly as it sounds, the latest trend in the floral design world is to spray paint the succulents. It's fascinating  to see this new technique being used in design. I gravitate toward environmentally friendly specimens, but I'm always on the look out for whats new and different.  Vertical and hanging plantings of succulents are popular in garden design.

The succulent garden above has been a four year project.  This labor of love is used as a decorative cutting garden.  I've used these succulents from garden to arrangement to garden again (reusing, recycling).  The garden is propagated by stem cuttings and some of the species include Echeveria, Crassula, and Aeonium.  The garden is 90% Echeveria which is known to have 150 species. Succulent and cacti mix was added to the soil.  The garden is watered once a week in the summer and much less in fall, winter and spring.  Watering depends on climate temperate and rainfall.  These succulents like sun/part shade.

The garden is great for my demonstration designs or large event designing.  It's an ongoing wonderful process that is green, organic and local.  I highly recommend designers to have their own succulent cutting garden.  If your limited on space, container gardens could work just fine. I have a few small container gardens included in my garden. Pillows and Demijohn bottles are incorporated into my design. These decorations add the element of surprise to the garden and give restful breaks between all the wonderful succulent textures.  The bath is a fabulous way to bring native species of birds into your garden.

The succulent garden is between two outside lounging areas.  The placement of the garden makes a great focal area and does not disrupt the flow of conversation or views between the two areas. The Demijohn jugs in the garden were left over from wine brewing. The glass is a beautiful accent that enhances the garden.

Demijohn is a glass vessel with a large body and small neck sometimes enclosed in wickerwork. 


The concrete pillows are from Cottage Garden of Petaluma, California.  This is one of my favorite places for design inspiration.  I highly recommend everyone to visit this location.  These stepping stones are sold under the name Tuffits.  They come in different colors and styles.  Fabulous garden art that's so realistic everyone will want to touch them.


Small wire fencing is placed around the garden for protection from animals.  Athena has been known to lay, roll and even dig up the succulents.  The succulents were easily replanted because of their hardness.  I hope you experiment with your own succulent cutting garden.  It's great to have that extra special specimen at your finger tips through out the year.  Have fun with this Eco-Friendly Garden.


  1. Really beautiful! I have a growing collection that needs a home in the ground, not in pots. I love that they can be used and used again, then also provide a nice visual to enjoy at home. That s what I call really multipurpose.

  2. The garden looks good! I'm also planting and collecting Succulent from friends and nurseries. Hope my garden will look exciting one day.