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Bouquets to Art 2013 - "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue"


Exhibitor:  Jenny Tabarracci AIFD, City College of San Francisco
Assistants:  Imelda Iraeta, Sungmum Ryu, David Cushing
Artist:  Richard Diebenkorn
Artwork:  Miller 22, 1951

"Something Old"

These garlands of abaca black mesh, pearls, silver beads and decorative wire were used 4 years ago in an AIFD presentation and ISES event.  I consider this my "Something Old" in the design.  I packed and stored them and was able to use them for the third time for Bouquets to Art this year.  The mesh comes in a roll and originally came from Accent Decor.  You can also buy it at Shibata at the San Francisco Flower market in different colors.  It was cut in half and shaped into garlands with decorative accents.  This is a great mechanic that can be used over and over again.  This was the main mechanic that held the Bouquets to Art design together.  It was attached to the metal stands with black cable ties.

"Something New"

The design concept, combination of materials and the way they are used represents the "Something New".   The materials were chosen because in my eye they portrayed a similar feeling and characteristic as the shapes, colors and lines of the painting.  I was also influenced by the other paintings in the room and wanted to create a design that would blend well.  I designed the materials in an organic repetitious fashion with lots of depth, layering and circular motion.  The floral materials used in this design were silver dollar eucalyptus, tillandsia and anthuriums.  The anthuriums were the only material that had a water source which was a water tube sprayed black. 

Detail work through out the entire design.

 The floral design was also inspired by the art work of Robert Motherwell titled "At Five in the Afternoon"

 Prep work for the silver dollar eucalyptus garlands.  Leaves are cut off branches, put in piles and then strung on black 12 gauge aluminum wire with a stacking technique.  The wire is curved tightly at the beginning and end of each section so the materials will not slip off.

Silver dollar eucalyptus garlands completed in different sizes. Then attached to metal frames and mesh with black cable ties.  Garlands sculpted around and into the design for final technique.

"Something Borrowed"

I borrowed these metal stands from the Retail Floristry Department at City College.  You can buy them at Accent Decor.  They are the frame work to the design.  Holes were drilled at the base and secured with screws into custom pedestals made out of plywood.

"Something Blue" 

Blue "Co-Flex" a cohesive flexible bandage was used to wrap around the metal frames.  This is something I came across riding horses.  It is used in the horse world regularly and comes in all different colors.  It works well in floral design and does not need glue.  The painting has small accents of blue and I wanted to portray the same effect with the floral design.

Metal frames were first wrapped with the blue Co-Flex and then the mesh was added with black cable ties.  This was the key mechanic to the design.  The mesh really held everything together.

Sometimes it takes two people to get the mechanic just right.

Thank you to my assistants Sun, Imelda and David! Hope everyone had a chance to see the show.  Many, Many amazing designs!  Congratulations to all!

Design Supplies

Black abaca mesh, water tubes sprayed black, jewels, beads, pearls from Accent Decor, blue Co-Flex, black cable ties, black 12 gauge aluminum wire, black and silver 24 gauge decorative wire.

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