Sunday, January 29, 2012

Inspiration Boards

Inspiration Boards are a fantastic way to start the creative and planning process. An Inspiration Board is “displayed thinking”. The first step is to understand what your client wants and how you will communicate that through visual means. Creating an Inspiration Board will help ensure that you and your audience/client understands your intent. There are many benefits to Inspiration Boards. They engage all that are involved into an enjoyable process. They allow everyone to share ideas and reduce time spent on unfocused and undirected discussion. They are especially helpful in making alternative decisions.

One way to develop an Inspiration Board is to start with a theme and color harmony for an event. Then collect ideas such as – swatch samples, a centerpiece sketch or a small intricate design made out of decorative wire for a napkin.

The Inspiration Board process has been around for a long time and can also be called storyboarding. Walt Disney began the modern use of them in 1929 and today they are very popular with special events. Try using one for your next client. It’s a wonderful way to have a highly interactive visual process.

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